The Nanny League surpasses fundraising goal for Stop the Silence

I am so pleased to announce the success of The Nanny League for Stop the Silence Benefit at 3Dog Cantina in Hollywood.  We surpassed our goal of $2500 and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Even the charity’s founder and owner, Dr. Pamela Pine had these kind words to share:

Lindsay, I wanted to send a huge thank you out to all of those who participated in the the fundraising effort on behalf of Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse ( <> ). We can’t thank you enough! Child sexual abuse (CSA) robs children of their innocence and is often so detrimental to their well-being, both while they are children and when they grow to be adults: psychological problems, physical problems, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, suicide and homicide, and more are all strongly associated with CSA. And it affects so many, it is nearly unbelievable – but true. There are at least 55 million survivors of child sexual abuse in the U.S. alone!  The funds go a really long way in helping us to accomplish all that we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lindsay. Please forward this email to everyone with my deepest appreciation!


Guests enjoyed drink specials, music and mingling.  They had a LOT of fun participating in the silent auction and raffle!



Thank you again 3Dog Cantina for offering us your patio space for the event, Emilee Wilson at GoMoment for your help in getting the word out there.  A special thank you to Dr. Pamela Pine, the founder of Stop the Silence, and to all those who helped with the silent auction: Laney Brabson, Emily Lewis of Doll Face Desserts, Arlie Rachwal, Karen Happel, Steffanie Doolan, Alison Berger, The Thomason family, Jessica Garcia, Jordan Morales, Erick & Mandy Bianchi, and Jonathan Unger.  And– to my friends, Nanny League nannies, and colleagues– to everyone you came to the event and to those who donated to our fundraiser online, THANK YOU for supporting The Nanny League and Stop the Silence.  We cannot wait to do it all over again next year!


Here is a recap from the event brought to you by Go Moment:

For pictures from the night, visit The Nanny League Facebook Page here:


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The Nanny League receives letter from Stop the Silence


“Lindsay, I wanted to send a huge thank you out to all of those who participated in the the fundraising effort on behalf of Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse ( <> ). We can’t thank you enough! Child sexual abuse (CSA) robs children of their innocence and is often so detrimental to their well-being, both while they are children and when they grow to be adults: psychological problems, physical problems, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, suicide and homicide, and more are all strongly associated with CSA. And it affects so many, it is nearly unbelievable – but true. There are at least 55 million survivors of child sexual abuse in the U.S. alone! 

I’d like to invite and encourage anyone who has not yet contributed to contribute by going to The Nanny League’s fundraising link for this effort: <> . The funds go a really long way in helping us to accomplish all that we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lindsay. Please forward this email to everyone with my deepest appreciation! All the best, Pam”

Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH
Founder and CEO
Stop the Silence



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Modern-Day Mary Poppins

The Nanny League, Inc. is solely made up of college-educated nannies, personal assistants and tutors. The clients who come to us to assist them in finding the perfect nanny, along with the nannies who register with our elite agency, share our values in the importance of having a well-rounded highly educated, competent and loving professional nanny care for their children.

We couldn’t help but agree with & share this article:

Modern-day Mary Poppins’: College graduates embrace nannying as career

John Brecher / NBC News

Elyse Barletta, 27, works full-time as a nanny in Charlotte, N.C., taking care of nine-month-old Reynolds Norman.

By Elizabeth Chuck, Staff Writer, NBC News

When American University graduate Elyse Barletta, 27, was looking for a full-time nannying position recently in Charlotte, N.C., three families wanted to hire her — all were impressed by her college education. “They wanted someone who could help with their children’s homework,” said Barletta, a history major who made the Dean’s list and is proficient in French.

Experts say young women like Barletta make up a fast-growing segment of the nanny industry: college graduates who could go into law, medicine or other fields but are choosing to become career nannies, sometimes because they struggled to find jobs in their desired professions. These highly-credentialed child minders are being greeted with open arms into middle-class and upper-class families who want to give their kids an edge in an increasingly competitive world.

Barletta, who worked as a nanny in college to make extra money, tried but failed to find a job in her chosen field, nonprofit work, after graduation. But she has no regrets: Nannying, she says, brings her a good salary and rich personal rewards. Ultimately, she chose to work for the Norman family, who has a nine-month old girl named Reynolds. “I have patience for kids. I love it,” said Barletta, who refers to herself as a “modern-day Mary Poppins.”

Cliff Greenhouse, president of the Pavilion Agency, which helps New Yorkers find household staff, has noticed a shift toward nannies like Barletta since the mid-1990s, when he saw very few Americans in the industry and fewer college-educated applicants. He attributes the change to the growth of working mothers, with many women becoming the breadwinners of their families.


John Brecher / NBC News

Barletta, a former history major, says her job nannying for nine-month-old Reynolds is personally rewarding.

 “Moms [who use our agency] aren’t going to work full-time unless they can leave their children in the care of someone they consider a peer,” he said. 

Becky Kavanagh, co-president of the non-profit International Nanny Association, has also observed this trend, especially among professional couples in larger metropolitan areas. “They’re looking into the total education of their child,” she said, adding that many couples seek out nannies who have degrees in early-childhood education as well as nannying experience. For some parents, the ultimate nanny candidate has multiple degrees, including Master’s degrees. “They see that and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to have that,’” she said. 

Experts say they have seen a rise in highly-educated applicants at nanny agencies since the Great Recession.

“When the economy went down, you saw a lot of educated people try to break into the industry because they thought, ‘I have a degree in business.’ Anybody can take care of kids. They found out really quickly that wasn’t the case because the agencies wouldn’t work with them without prior experience,” said Michelle LaRowe, editor-in-chief of Longhorn Leads, a Houston-based portfolio of sites that connects parents and caregivers. But college-educated applicants who babysat or nannied during school found their services in high demand. 

When Natalie Gibbs, 27, started nannying for a family in Hinsdale, Ill., about two months ago, her college degree was of great interest to her new clients. “They were willing to pay a bit more for an educated nanny,” said Gibbs, who was an applied science major.

In many places across the country, some families are so eager for well-educated nannies, they’re paying them salaries comparable to entry-level finance careers. 

Few statistics exist on nanny salaries, primarily because most of these workers – regardless of their level of education – are paid under the table. In an annual survey conducted by the International Nanny Association this year, nannies reported a median salary of $16 per hour. But experts say the highest paid nanny can make $100,000 or more annually, depending on location, education and references.

Despite the hefty price tag, some families see a well-credentialed nanny as a wise investment — and even a way to save money on tutoring fees.

John Brecher / NBC News

Former history major Barletta says of nannying, “I have patience for kids. I love it.”

Donna Walrond, a Brooklyn, N.Y., mom of three boys, employs a full-time nanny who didn’t go to college, but recently hired a second nanny, Samantha, who has a bachelor’s degree and is fluent in Hebrew, to tutor her two elementary-school aged sons during the school year.

“In terms of tutoring fees, for a while I was paying 80 dollars an hour,” said Walrond, who founded and runs a local nanny agency herself. “[Samantha] helps the kids with the homework and takes a load off for me because when I come home in the evening, I don’t have to do it.”

Regan Spear, 22, of Napa, Calif., who recently started nannying for a 5-year-old boy and 17-month-old girl, says she plays a similar role in her new employers’ family. “We’ve made a lot of changes since I’ve come in,” she said, citing the fruit she’s added to the kids’ breakfasts and the electronics she’s removed from 5-year-old Luke’s playtime. “[The parents] back me on anything I want to do. We are three people parenting these children not two.”

Spear, who has a degree in human development with a focus on early childhood education, believes that her schooling was a huge asset when applying for her job. “I think that really comforted [my employer]. Whether it’s a physical ailment or a learning disability, I know how to recognize these things and help [the children] develop,” said Spear, who helped her 17-month-old charge Lucy learn how to walk two months ago. 

Spear eventually wants to start her own nanny placement agency, but hopes to stay with her current family for another five years or so. She believes her highly-specialized education is crucial for anyone considering her field.

“In today’s world,” she said, “knowing how to change a diaper isn’t enough.”


Make “nannying” your career today! #careernanny#thenannyleague #collegeeduatednannies #nbcnews


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The Nanny League will Never Forget

It feels like yesterday…

It is hard to believe that 12 years have already passed. For a day that stands out so vividly in my mind, it feels like yesterday. May we all take time today to remember all of those who fought, those who lost, those who were left behind, and those who continue to fight for our freedom. Wishing everyone peace and love on this day. God Bless America.

Never, ever forget.



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Nanny League receives Kudos

We would just like to share a few of the recent reviews we have received from very happy clients.  Happy Family + Happy Nanny = Happy Agency.

“My experience with The Nanny League far surpassed my expectations — and I am VERY discerning when it comes to childcare providers for my children.  I have worked with several nanny agencies in the past and have been told that my criteria is very difficult to meet.  I am not interested in “good enough” when hiring a nanny — instead, I insist on having someone absolutely amazing.  

The Nanny League was able to find me an amazing nanny in just one week!  Lindsay, the owner, was incredibly responsive (I’m not sure that she ever sleeps!) and was intent on finding the perfect nanny for my family, not just pushing anyone on me to collect a service fee.  I felt that she immediately understood my needs and had a phenomenal group of college educated nannies for me to interview.  The quality of her nannies was much better than her competitors.  I was so happy with my experience that I referred my sister and best friend to Lindsay over the past few months.  They, too, have found their perfect nannies through The Nanny League.  I really cannot say enough good things about this agency.  I recommend it without reservation.” – Lisa W., Los Angeles, CA

“We are happy to be a reference for your service.  We appreciate all your hard work. It is has been nothing but a professional and first rate experience.” – Adam M., New York, NY

“They may be new to the Philly area, but you would never know it.  My wife and I were tired of using and sittercity, and having our nannies bail on us time and time again, so we decided to go the “agency” route.  Lindsay was awesome to deal with right from the beginning of our nanny search.  We felt comfortable with her and all of the candidates she sent us were equally qualified. We will extol her services to anyone in town who will listen!”  Robert C., Philadelphia, PA

“the best, the best, the best! we went through elizabeth rose last year and were pretty much turned off from ever using a nanny agency again… until we hear of the nanny league through our friends.  lindsay was a delight start to finish and the candidates she sent us were all equally superb. #1 agency- all the way. can’t say enough great things.” – Julie C. Los Angeles, CA

“The Nanny League is the most professional and reliable agency in town.

I’ve been through other agencies in the past and The Nanny League was by far the best!

The Nanny League provides college educated nannies only. 
They don’t just except any nanny that comes through there.
They have a very selective screening process. 

It was a tough decision deciding who to hire because everyone was so fantastic.

I highly recommend The Nanny League! It’s the best agency in town!” – Debbie M., Beverly Hills, CA

“The Nanny League is an exceptional agency.  The professionalism, expediency and quality we experienced during the entire process is unprecedented.  Lindsay was professional yet displayed genuine concern and interest through our astonishingly brief process that produced an unbelievably amazing nanny that both my husband and I and our children adore and respect.  When we started this process, we thought it would take time to find someone whose values matched our own and who we felt comfortable leaving our two sons, age 5 and 8 with, but we were wonderfully surprised.  The only problem we had was deciding between the three amazingly qualified nannies we met with.   This is truly a special agency that understands the importance and delicate nature of matching a nanny with a family.  We are still blown away by the Nanny League process.  Lindsay has not only mastered the art of matching nannies, but she has raised the bar to which this industry will be measured. Thank you again Nanny League!”- Susan J. Brentwood, CA

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Nanny League featured in Networking Nannies

We are thrilled to be the featured agency in Networking Nannies’ September Newsletter

Featured Agency
The Nanny League was founded by childcare professional Lindsay Aspell in 2010.
Before moving on to the Nanny League Q&A, learn more about The Nanny League’s partnership with Stop The Silence Inc. by clicking here.

What cities do you serve?

Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and surrounding communities.  We are continuing to expand in the New Year!

Approximately how long is your hiring process? 

After a nanny expresses interest in becoming a part of The Nanny League, she or he must be willing to go through our screening process.  This typically will take up to 3 days.  This includes a 10-page application, sending proof of college degree, valid DL and ID, and any certifications.  They must be willing to restructure their resume to fit our desired format and provide references.  We require three professional nanny/ childcare references, three additional work references and three character references.  We will then set up an in-person or Skype interview.  They will be responsible for enrolling with Live Scan and Trustline, if in the state of California. We also run a complete background check on our own for every candidate.  This includes an alias search, criminal history, driver record history, and Megan’s Law clearance.

Do you interview nannies looking to relocate from another city, state or country? 

From another city or state, yes.  The process is the same for every candidate.  

What certifications and/or clearances do you require potential nannies to possess before they will be placed?

The Nanny League wants you to succeed as a childcare professional. We recognize that the nanny profession can be a highly rewarding, yet often challenging job. We will do all we can to match your skills and qualifications with a family that is right for you.


These must include the following:

BA/BS college degree
CPR/First Aid Certification
Ability to make a one-year commitment
A love for working with children
Two years childcare experience
Excellent work and personal references
U.S. Citizen
U.S. driver’s license
Fluent in English/bilingual a plus
Competent swimmer
No-cell phone driving signed guarantee
RIE and NCSA training is also a bonus

Do you offer financial assistance to new employees who need help paying for the classes and documents?  

The only out-of-pocket expense for the nanny is their fingerprinting and Trustline registration (if in California) and their CPR & First- Aid Certification elsewhere. These must be completed before accepting a position through The Nanny League.  We complete our screening process, including our thorough background check before we send any candidate out to interview with a family.

Do you offer your team ongoing workshops and trainings?

We like to inform our nannies of such events, but we do not currently provide any workshops or trainings.  We do, however, play a big role in community service.  We recently partnered with the 501c3 non-profit organization, Stop the Silence, Inc. that was launched in 2002 as part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse. We will be hosting our next event – open to the public- at 3Dog Cantina in Hollywood from 5-9pm on September 21st.  Guests will enjoy an elite mixer, drinks specials, and a silent auction. $10 donation at the door. All proceeds will go to Stop the Silence.  The mission of Stop the Silence is to help end child sexual abuse and help survivors heal worldwide.

How often do you check in with nannies once they have been placed with a family? 

I have a wonderful relationship with all of our nannies!  We keep in touch on a consistent basis throughout their employment.

What did you enjoy most about being a nanny? 

Honestly? Everything.  I miss the laughter.  I miss even the tantrums and outbursts.  I miss the joy of the unknown.  As much as there was consistency and structure, every day was a gift, a surprise. I know how much I impacted each one of my charges, but they also helped shape who I am as a person.  We learned from each other.  One of my favorite nanny quotes is:  A Nanny is an angel, who can touch a child’s heart… inspires them and loves them from the very start! There is no other “job” that allows you to work with a family on such an intimate level.  You become an extension of the family, a member of the family.  Yes, it is a business relationship at the end of the day, but you are taking so much more home with you than just a paycheck.  You are responsible for someone’s most precious belongings and that is something I always took with such pride and dignity.  How lucky was I to be trusted and respected enough to be in charge of actual LIVES?  Human beings!  The relationships I fostered as a nanny continue to this day and for that I am forever grateful.  It has been the most rewarding job in my life, and has led me to being an agency owner today.

What did you find to be the most challenging aspect of nanny work? 

Always being “ON.” As a nanny, it is imperative to leave your own baggage at the door. Sometimes, that can be an exhausting task in itself.  But as a nanny, you always have to have your “game face” on– happy, smiling, lots of energy and ready for anything!  Another thing would be leaving the job at the job.  Even though I was always able to leave my own baggage at the door, I sometimes struggled with not taking my work home (or when I was a live-in, to my room) with me.  It’s not like a desk job where you can come back to it the next day.  The day’s events, etc were always with me.  Lastly, it was impossible to NOT get “too attached.”  I love every single charge I’ve ever had with all of my heart and leaving them was always bittersweet, if not heart-wrenching at times!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a nanny? 

I don’t think you can just “become” a nanny– you either are one (a born nurturer) or you aren’t. Yes, you can certainly learn through experience, classes and certifications on how to hone your skills as a nanny, but I truly believe it’s something that you are born with. This is not just a “side gig.” The job as nanny is to be taken with the utmost seriousness and professionalism.  You must be someone who is RELIABLE and RESPONSIBLE.  You can’t just NOT show up to work.  You have to be up for ANYTHING, quick on your feet. You must have implicit common sense, resilience and maturity.  And ultimately, you must have a passion for children.  If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, give me a call 

What is your favorite thing to do in Southern California? 

Aside from meeting with new wonderful nanny candidates on a daily basis… The hiking!  I treasure my time hiking various trails in SoCal with my dog Evie (Eh, VEE).  I am able to witness the beauty of SoCal up close and personal while getting in a great workout!  You can’t beat that.


To find out more about The Nanny League go to

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The Nanny League loves Dollface Desserts


Are your little ones allergic to peanuts?Then you must check out all the deliciousness Dollface Desserts has to offer.

Dollface Desserts is 100% PEANUT FREE but without sacrificing any flavor. They specialize in “Em’s Buttercups” which are their rendition of a peanut buttercup, of course without the peanuts!

They build gift baskets in $25 increments that make an amazing thank you gift, classroom surprise or after-school snack! You can choose any or all of the above. Check them out today:


Customer Services

tel: 818.600.1896
- See more at:

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